We believe data is the most valuable resource for any organization.

By transforming organizational knowledge into insights, Dataco’s Data Engineering Services can help you make faster, more profitable business decisions.

What is Data Engineering and why is it important?

Data Engineering is the process of designing and building a customized architecture to collect, store, and analyze data to give it a voice. Data Engineering helps enterprises gain valuable insights from their data.

“In 2019, Gartner reported that data was the key driver of company growth but wasn’t getting enough attention.”

Who needs Data Engineering?

The answer is simple: Any organization that realizes a lack of knowledge or skills regarding data engineering can impede their company’s growth.

At Dataco, we ensure that your business makes the best possible decisions based on your past, current, and future data. In collaboration with your team, we’ll build solutions and platforms tailored to your business’s unique needs and challenges. Make your business a data-driven, decision-modern company by letting our data engineers analyze, extract, and integrate your data.

What Do We Do

Our Data Engineering services help businesses like yours streamline, process, and gain data visibility to improve their business operations. We transform data into insights, allowing you to make faster and more profitable business decisions.

How Do We work

Dataco understands the importance of data for your organization and offers a wide range of data engineering services that support internal and external data needs. Our Data Engineering team provides the expertise needed to modernize your data pipeline, build analytical models, deploy regulations-ready technologies, and establish enterprise-wide analytics platforms.

Our Offerings

How we prepare the data will depend on your use case, the questions you ask, and the required information. Our Data Engineering Consulting Services promise that all our data will be structured and ready to use, allowing you to focus on analysis instead of dealing with data wrangling.

Data Preparation

The way your data is used is something of utmost importance. Data Preparation involves gathering, combining, structuring, and organizing data. Our pipelines are built to help you get the most out of your data by making it easy to connect with other applications, visualize, and share the data with others.

Data Lake Implementation

A Data Lake is an all-purpose storage system for structured and unstructured data. Data Lakes are perfect for handling all kinds of information, but they may take some time if you’re new to the idea. We can help you get started with a data lake and show you how it integrates with other analytics tools.

Data Ingestion

Gathering data from a variety of sources is called Data Ingestion. It is one of the most critical steps in data analysis, but it can be a big challenge. Our team of experts will prepare your data for ingestion and ensure it’s ready for analysis.

Real-time Processing

Our team of experts will guide you through the process of collecting and processing information in real-time to make more effective business decisions in the future. With our guidance, you will better understand the importance of accessing and processing data as soon as it becomes available.

Modern Data Pipelines

Data Pipelines are a series of steps for processing data. Our team of data engineers will help you set up modern data pipelines that automate the movement of data from multiple sources to a central destination where it can be transformed, cleaned, and analyzed. Data Pipelines may use various technologies, such as ETL/ELT tools, streaming platforms, and data integration platforms, to extract, transform, and load data in real-time or near real-time.

Cloud Data Architecture

Data Architecture is essential to the success of your business, and it’s one of the most overlooked parts of building a cloud solution. Our cloud data architects know how to architect your data when migrating to the cloud because they understand the best ways to solve complex problems with simple solutions that work.

Data Storage

Your data is valuable. We’ll help you put your data together in a warehouse and prepare it for storage. Our Data Experts will check every step of preparation so you can ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Data Visualization

Visualizing data is a great way to get insights from your data visually, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” At Dataco, we can help you visualize your data, using tools such as dashboards and reports. Data Visualization allows organizations like yours to understand the information better and make critical business decisions.

ETL/ELT Services

At Dataco, we can help you implement processes for extracting data from various sources, transforming it as needed, and loading it into a destination data store or database (ETL). This process is typically used to move data from transactional systems or operational databases into a data warehouse or data mart, where it can be more easily queried and analyzed.

Data Modeling

The process of assigning relational rules to data is called Data Modeling. Our data engineers will model your data to ensure you can use it best. They’ll help you avoid missing important information and create a database that is easy to read, understand, and use.

Data Processing

When data is collected and converted into meaningful information, it’s called Data Processing. Processing and analyzing data is essential to getting more out of the tools, software, and applications you already own. You can process and analyze your data from any application in your current cloud environment and deliver actionable insights at scale.

Advanced-Data Integrations

Businesses collect and store data from many sources. Data Integration involves combining all this data from disparate sources into one single dataset. Integrating that data seamlessly into a central platform is key to gaining new insights, creating value, and driving growth.

Teams That Can Benefit from Data Engineering:


Who aim to deliver reliable analytics to the business stakeholders


Seeking to reduce costs and increase revenue


Looking to build a holistic view by matching metrics across different sources


That need to understand and optimize data to increase sales and foster company growth

Why Dataco?

Benefits of Hiring our Data Engineering Services

Dataco’s Data Engineering Services are a good fit for your organization if you need to:

  • Have powerful insights to help you make better decisions based on your data
  • Gain faster access to insights to reduce the duration of projects
  • Analyze data gathered to improve user experience and product quality
  • Boost the ability to predict behaviors based on historical information to identify new business opportunities
  • Streamline your organization’s data architecture to reduce costs and increase profits

Let Dataco’s Data Engineering Services turn your data into insights.


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