As a certified Fivetran Partner, we offer a team of data experts to empower your organization with reliable access to analysis-ready data.

Fivetran makes centralizing data
from any source to any warehouse effortless

A modern stack for analytics for ambitious analytics goals

Credits: Fivetran

Reliable access to analysis-ready data

Allow your analysts to query any data set at any time. Fivetran automated data integration is built on a fully managed ELT architecture that delivers zero-maintenance pipelines and ready-to-query schemas.

Fully managed connectors

Replicate all your applications, databases, events and files into your warehouse 

Normalized schemas from cloud APIs

Ready-to-query schemas enable instant analytics and ensure you get all the data you need, without any duplicates.

Automated schema migrations

Our connectors respond to source changes automatically, and you can always add sources — no coding required.

Five-minute setup

Our platform requires zero configuration and is designed to be plugged and played. We can begin syncing your data inside of five minutes. 

Incremental batch updates

Instead of reloading full data dumps from APIs and databases, we incrementally update all your data sources.

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